Create a Successful Heart-Centered Telesummit In 60 Days or Less (With Little to No Cost) and Build A Large List FAST!

Walk Away with a Complete Action Plan for Your First Successful Telesummit
Followed by 30 Days of High-Level Coaching and Support.

Dear Spiritual Entrepreneur,
Hi, my name is Sharon Wilson and I’ve been helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs build six and seven-figure businesses for over 15 years through the Coaching From Spirit Institute.

Many entrepreneurs come to me because they’re burned out, frustrated or just plain confused about why they keep spinning their wheels in their business.

Many of them want to get started online, but they are overwhelmed with all the details of where to begin.

Well, here’s the good news…

“Telesummits are a Fast and Inexpensive Way to Establish Yourself as an Expert, Create a List in Your Chosen Niche and Jump-Start Your Online Business”

Actually, the BIGGEST reason so many people are hosting Telesummits these days are because Telesummits help you build a list very quickly.

And not just any list…a list of super interested people who have a high chance of buying from you.

Benefits of Hosting a Telesummit

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche
  • Receive Invitations to speak at other Telesummits
  • Make thousands of dollars quickly by selling the audios of the Telesummit
  • Make additional revenue by selling your speaker’s products and getting commission
  • Showcase your own product alongside experts in your field
  • Interview celebrities, New York Times best selling authors and other experts
  • Make a difference in the lives of hundreds and thousands of people
  • Quickly create a profitable heart-centered business
  • Create a list of affiliates (people who will promote your event)
  • Establish a viable business
  • Create a consistent profit funnel

Kim's Story

I worked with Kim to help her with her first Telesummit, titled, “Raising Conscious Kids.”

Fifty-three percent of the people (which is a high conversion, by the way) who went to her registration page signed up to get the call in information and now they are on her list.

Kim sold over 100 recordings of her Telesummit (with ZERO shipping costs because it was a digital product).

She made over $5,000 just offering the recordings of her Telesummit on how to raise healthy conscious kids. She also made thousands of dollars from the speakers who sold their products…since it is typical for speakers to share about 50% of their sales from your Telesummit with you.

Are you starting to see why Telesummits are such a great way to start a business and make money in your chosen niche?

PLUS, now Kim has over 3,000 people to launch her 5-week course on raising healthy conscious kids.

If only 10 % of the 3,000 people on her list purchase her $497 course… that’s another $149,000…all because of that one Telesummit Kim did.

Don’t let the techy stuff scare you. We’ve got easy solutions that you’re going to love.

Ben's Story

Ben did a Telesummit over the holidays in December. We pulled it together in one month! He had close to 3,000 people register for his event.The beauty of Ben’s story is he only had a handful of speakers…including Bob Proctor and myself.Ben used my system to find his incredible experts and put the entire event together in record time.As a result, he sold thousands of dollars in mp3 recordings and speaker sales and added new coaching clients for his coaching business.Ben is now charging over $6,000 for his 6-month coaching program. Even better, Ben is on target for a six-figure income this year.

He also now has relationships with high-profile speakers who are willing, in many cases, to introduce him to other high profile people he would like to meet or interview.

Plus, he is now known as an expert in his field. Why? Because he shared the virtual stage with top speakers so people assume he must be one of them, right? Well of course!

You can do the same thing. It’s easy and I am going to show you exactly how to do what Kim, Missy, Ben and many others have done.

But, Sharon…I Don’t Know Any Famous People Or Have Any “Connections”

I understand how you feel.

But here’s the thing. Kim did not know most of her speakers and neither did Missy or Ben, so how did they wind up booking these experts on their Telesummit?

This is another one of those “Secret Insider Strategies” that you will get access to during my Virtual Retreat.

But I’m going to give you a “sneak peak” right now…

You see, speakers are looking for ways to get in front of people…ways that do not cost them money…or time.

For instance, Marci Shimoff recently launched her new book, “Love for no Reason.” How is Marci going to get the word out about her new book? She needs people to talk to! So when Missy connected with her and showed Marci “what was in it for her”, she said yes!

You see, Missy used Step 2 in the Telesummit Blueprint System and not only did Marci promote to her whole list, she also offered a special bonus for anyone purchasing Missy’s online recordings – increasing the value of Missy’s recording package and helping her sell more.

There are so many benefits to doing a Telesummit…and I can’t wait to tell you about all of them.

You’ll Be Surprised At Who You Can Contact…
And Who Will Say Yes!

I’m sure you have purchased programs or home study kits from teachers or speakers. You can actually contact them and let them know you have something that can serve them…and opportunity they might be interested in.

The key is to communicate in a way that helps them see what is in it for them and for them to feel aligned with the topic of your Telesummit.

Heart centered Entrepreneurs have an energy of service that people can sense and people want to align themselves with these like-minded individuals.

My Story

Sharon SignaureWhen I did my Telesummit series years ago, I did not know Jack Canfield at that time. I used my Energy Management process (that I am going to teach you in Session One of this course) to write an email and send it to him.

I wrote him a heartfelt email about why I really wanted him to be a speaker in my Telesummit, what his work meant to me and how it impacted my life.

I asked my “Divine Team” to make my email a message Jack felt compelled to answer.

His office actually called me and said Jack read my email. Here’s what he told his assistant…

“I don’t know who this is but I’d like to know her. Set up a time for us to talk.”

And that was the beginning of how I got to participate in all kinds of great opportunities that opened LOTS of doors for me including being asked to participate in Jack's latest book “Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction”. That ONE telesummit years ago.. added thousands of people to my list in just a few weeks!

Just imagine what doors will open for you…

Establish Yourself as an Expert

Establishing yourself as an expert is another reason to do a Telesummit. You build relationships with top people who can catapult you to…well…wherever you want to go.

Imagine sharing the “virtual stage” with top folks. People see you on the same panel as these high-profile experts and BINGO, you’re an expert too!

This is great news because you deserve to be rubbing shoulders with people who can help you grow, don’t you agree?

And remember, when you help your speakers by promoting them and providing a way for them to gain more exposure and get their message out into the world…they in turn want to help you as well…and that’s when the magic really starts to happen.

This All Sounds Great Sharon, But I’m Technically Challenged and Too Busy to Produce a Telesummit. Doesn’t This Take A Lot of Time and Money?

I’ll agree, there are a lot of “moving parts”, but a Telesummit is definitely something that is manageable once you have a proven system and blueprint to guide you.

Many people shy away from doing Telesummits because they’re afraid of all the technical aspects such as building web pages, setting up autoresponders, shopping carts, replays of the interviews, etc.

But you no longer have to allow the “techy stuff” to stop you.

If you’re technically challenged (like me), we’ve got solutions for you. Keep reading! So here’s the even better news that I am so excited to tell you about…

Here’s Just a Taste of What You’ll Discover in This Program:

  • How to determine your niche and theme (a niche and theme that connects you with your passion in a profitable way)
  • How to attract the perfect speakers to your event
  • How to build relationships with people who can “put you on the map”
  • How to set yourself up as an expert
  • How to easily follow a proven Telesummit Blueprint that helps you quickly build a list and a revenue stream
  • How to easily overcome your fear of “techy stuff” by either outsourcing or doing it yourself
  • Where to find zero to low-cost solutions and resources for your Telesummit
  • And much, much more!

Successful Telesummit Do’s and Don’ts

In this special program that you can work at your own pace..I’ll take you through the entire process of creating a successful profit-producing Telesummit and explain what to do and what not to do. From choosing your topic to booking your speakers and more, I will hold nothing back and you will leave the event with the knowledge you need to confidently move forward and plan your event.

The Basic vs. The Deluxe Telesummit – Which One Are You Interested In?

When putting a Telesummit together, you may decide to do what I call a “Basic Telesummit” or a “Deluxe Telesummit”.

Let me explain…

A Basic Telesmmit is one where you want to keep things simple and focus on building a list. You’re not interested at this point in selling the mp3’s from the event or getting affiliates to promote for you. The purpose of your event is to establish yourself as an expert, build a list and monetize your list once it is built.

A Deluxe Telesummit is one where you want to take things a step further. You want to sell the mp3s (audios) of your event, and maybe also sell your Speaker’s products. In addition, you may want to learn about the different Affiliate Software options available so you can invite Affiliates to help you promote your event. In return for promoting your event, your affiliates will receive commission. (Don’t worry, we’ll explain this all in the course!). Acquiring Affiliates will help you to grow your list even faster and bigger and help you to make your event more profitable.

In every Session below, we will teach you the “Insider Secrets and Strategies” for both the Basic and Deluxe version of a Telesummit. We’ll explain your options so you can decide for yourself what will work best for you.

We will also provide Checklists and Samples in each Session.

The Telesummit Online, On Demand Program Overview

Session #1: The Importance of Energy Management
In this first session you will learn the basics of my Energy Management System. This is the foundation for everything I teach because if you are not managing your energy…chances are you will have beliefs that are keeping you from being successful. So this is always the first step. We will look at the beliefs serving and not serving you in regards to creating a successful Telesummit and I will take you through an exercise to transform any beliefs not serving you. Includes Checklists and Samples for both Basic and Deluxe Telesummits.

Session #2: Simplifying The Process – The Telesummit Flowchart and Checklists
In this session I will present my simple Telesummit Flowchart which will explain how the different elements of the Telesummit work together, including a timeline that shows when to have each item completed by (this will help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks). I think you’ll be amazed with how this Flowchart will simplify everything for you.

The Flowchart will show you what and when to delegate, so you can choose to do the tasks you want to do, and delegate the rest. In addition, you’ll also receive my custom-made check lists for every component of the Telesummit to make sure everything is covered. Includes Checklists and Samples for both Basic and Deluxe Telesummits.

Session #3: Simple Strategies You Can Use to Attract High-Profile Speakers
In this session I will show you why it’s not “who you know” but who you are attracting. This session is all about how to attract the speakers who are the right fit to your event. You may feel like you don’t have many connections and I will show you how to make and attract those connections. You’ll also learn how to ensure that top speakers will promote for you. We will go over the top five criteria you want in a speaker before you agree to feature them as an expert at your event, and much, much more. Includes Checklists and Samples for both Basic and Deluxe Telesummits.

Session #4: Real Life Samples of all the Written Material You’ll Need
In this session I will go over the most important pieces of copy you will need written for your event, including the Registration Page (Opt-In Page), the Upsell Page (Sales Letter page used for selling your mp3 audios if you choose to do that) and how to write your emails. I will also give real life examples that you can use to create your copy taken from successful telesummits.

For example, you will receive sample copy for EVERYTHING you need including:

  • Invitation to Potential Speakers
  • Invitation to Potential Affiliates
  • Autoresponders to subscribers after they’ve registered
  • Thank You emails
  • Reminder emails
  • Replay emails
  • Registration Page (Opt-In Page examples -the page where your subscribers will “opt-in” for access to your Telesummit)
  • Sales Letter examples (for the sale of all your interviews in mp3 format)
  • Etc.

Includes Checklists and Samples for both Basic and Deluxe Telesummits.

Session #5: Your Website Options
In this session you will discover some of the most easiest, user-friendly, free or low-cost options for your website(s). Whether you are a computer pro or a computer newbie, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at all the simple and affordable options there are today to help you set up your website and we are going to explain your choices to you so you can make the decision that’s right for you. Includes Checklists and Samples for both Basic and Deluxe Telesummits.

Session #6: Your Payment Options
In this session, we will cover how to collect money on your website for your audios of your Telesummit. For many people who have never earned money online before, this is very exciting! We will explain the different options you can choose from so that you can easily, and at zero to low-cost learn how to collect payments for your new product. Includes Checklists and Samples for both Basic and Deluxe Telesummits.

Session #7: Moving Past the Fear of the Techy Stuff
Our goal in this session is to help you get passed any blocks regarding the technical aspects of putting together a Telesummit. We will explain, step-by-step how you can easily manage the technical elements of your project with today’s advanced and user-friendly technology…or how you can easily outsource those tasks to someone else at affordable rates. Includes Checklists and Samples for both Basic and Deluxe Telesummits.

Session #8: Next Steps
In this session we will discuss your “Next Steps” so that we are sure you are crystal clear on what your Telesummit Action Plan and Next Steps are. We will also introduce our “Telesummit Dream Team” resource page to you. These are resources you can only get access to if you have taken this Telessummit course. (see my “Personal Rolodex” below) We will also have some time for additional Q&A in this session so we can make sure you understand how to get access to your course materials, recordings and your VIP forum if you signed up for the Deluxe Option. Includes Checklists and Samples for both Basic and Deluxe Telesummits.

“Using Sharon's powerful energy management, energy planning, marketing and selling systems have allowed me to build a seven figure organization…”

“Connecting with Sharon for our Activation Call was like WA-LA! There were synchronicities galore. I knew this was exactly what I needed to take my business to a new level. I was reticent because of the investment. I was really nervous, but literally just after one coaching call with Sharon and a few emails I signed on my highest paying client – who paid me IN FULL that was a program worth over $3000.00! WOW!!”  Sharon's approach is dynamic – a true partnering of the spiritual and the practical. It's exactly what I needed and a perfect fit for my business. I'm so happy I listened to my inner-knowing and trusted what I heard even though I never could have intellectually been able to predict HOW it would have all come about.I then went on with Sharon's coaching to make six figures that first year! Using Sharon's powerful energy management, energy planning, marketing and selling systems have allowed me to build a seven figure organizstion with a team of people who sell for me!” So listen to that voice inside you… If you feel that inner knowing and you have been looking for something to really radically change the way you live – this is the place! Your investment will be paid for 100x's over and, mostly, you'll FEEEEEL so good about what you do.”

Heather Dominick

No List? No Problem!

My Telesummit Blueprint will work for you even if you have no list, no website and no techy skills. I will reveal my entire system, step-by-step on how to create a successful Telesummit.

“I am so excited to tell you I have earned nearly 2K in about 2-1/2 weeks, after the Virtual Retreat!”

I am so excited to tell you I have earned nearly 2K in about 2-1/2 weeks, after the Virtual Retreat! I am so excited since this is much better than I had been doing for the past 3 months!With the new rates and packages you suggested I implement, and the new stream of Vibrational Called Clients and Customers from the radio show and speaking events, I now FULLY believe I can truly take my income to the next level.This was a great investment and I recommend it to anyone!
Alicia D. Cramer
Certified Hypnotherapist
Wausau Hypnotherapy

Remember, You’ll Receive the “Keys to My Personal Rolodex” – Which Includes My Personal “Telesummit DreamTeam” – All The Resources I’ve Set Up To Make It Easy-As-Pie For You to Create a Successful Telesummit

Let me tell you about my rolodex.

I’ve spent months (and in some cases, years) putting this Rolodex together and it is totally current.

You will not find outdated email addresses or people unfamiliar with Telesummits in my Rolodex.

These are service providers that I’ve created special arrangements with to provide affordable services for you.

I’ve set up incredible packages with people I work with personally…people who understand the Telesummit model and who have extensive experience in this area.

This is the lowest cost you can get anywhere for folks to do your techy stuff or to edit or write your copy and more (If you should need any of these services. Many of you will not.)

Many people will take this course just to get access to my Rolodex because they will not be able to get access to these kinds of rates and service providers otherwise.

Additional Topics We Will Cover in this Online Program Include:

  • How to choose your niche (and make sure it’s a profitable one)
  • How to choose your topic and title for your Telesummit
  • What to look for in a Speaker
  • What to look for in the people you may outsource tasks to
  • How to approach the speakers on your “Wish List” even if you do not have any connections
  • How to determine the number of speakers you want to have
  • How to decide the length of your Telesummit (how many weeks)
  • What are Affiliates and how can they help you?
  • How to decide whether to use Affiliates for your first Telesummit or not
  • How to find Affiliates and get them to promote your Telesummit
  • How to promote your Telesummit when you have no list or social media presence
  • How to promote your Telesummit on Facebook and Twitter
  • How to choose what to delegate and what to do yourself
  • How to choose a Virtual Assistant
  • How to create your Opt-In page
  • How to create your Sales Letter page
  • How to make a profit from your Telesummit
  • How to continue to monetize your new list after your event is over
  • And much, much more! (Everything from A – Z!)

“Sharon, your program offers Return On Investment (ROI) no matter how resistant the participant.”

“Sharon your program offers Return On Investment (ROI) no matter how resistant the participant. I come from a very practical and analytical background and thus evaluated your approach with great scrutiny.”Business action coupled with spiritual principles catapults participants to a very powerful level of prosperity and well being. It is a refreshing approach to coaching. How fantastic for those who have you in their corner. Priceless!”

Joanne Roibu

Okay Sharon, I Want In! How Much Does It Cost?

Basic Level: Admission to the Online, On Demand Program

“How to Create a Successful Heart-Centered Telesummit”
(Value: $4,597)

Here's what you get with your investment:

  • Access to the Virtual Retreat Online Private Training Center (Value: $1,200) – This is where you will find all the videos, and transcripts in an organized private learning center that is available to you forever!
  • One on One Success Planning Session! (Value: $300) – As soon as you register for the online program, you will be contacted and together we will go through the learning center, identify how to prioritize your steps to success based on where you are and what makes the most sense for you. I will show you how to navigate successfully through each and every situation from energy management to creating a plan for your project.
  • 30 Days of Email Support!  (Value: $250) (Valid for one year from date of purchase) – Imagine having someone by your side, every step of the way as you start or grow your business. If you run into a rough spot with one of your clients or if something (anything) comes up, I will be there to coach you in this Transformational Coaching System. PLUS, you’ll have access to two marketing training calls each month for these 30 days.


We offer one group coaching call with me for you to have your foundational questions around marketing answered.

Then a second one where the more challenging questions as you grow your business can show up- Like during a program or product launch or when you are implementing a JV campaign. Also things like how do you organize the technical side of offering a teleseminar? You name it… I have been there done that! This is a place where you can ask me ANYTHING in regards to your business and for your convenience they will be recorded.

You won’t be on your own. Well show you how to navigate successfully through each and every situation from marketing to what to charge to how to teach my simple formula to your clients.

You will also receive access to group coaching support to help you get into action, shift beliefs that are not serving you and to apply our Energy Management System so that you can manage your energy and manifest more easily.

  • Flowchart, Checklists, Samples, Forms and other Course Materials (Value: $5,000) -In this blueprint system you will get actual emails, sales pages and everything you need from successful campaigns so you do not need to start with a blank paper when you are creating your Telesummit
  • Access to the Virtual Retreat Recordings (Value: $199) – This is where you will have access to the course recordings, audios of the two follow-up group training calls and your worksheets, forms, checklists, flowchart and communication samples.
  • How to create a successful Heart Centered Product or Program Launch with my very own Copy Writer Rhonda Ryder who has helped many clients to six figure launches! A powerful and practical 90 min audio and transcript (worth $397).
  • An Additional VIP 30-day Integration and Follow-up Program and Individual ecoaching with Sharon where you can ask her questions direct to her private email and she can support you in applying and implementing her Telesummit Blueprint (Value: $3,000)
  • Transform Selling into Serving Vi4-Week Group Mentoring Program (Value: $997) – In this powerful program you will learn how to language what you do in a way that allows you to have a 50% or higher conversion rate. You will also learn how to use my proprietary system to attract clients and sales faster then ever. I used this system to replace my corporate income my first year in business with a new born baby so any one can do this! I have also taught this system to engineers, cpa's, network marketers.. over 250 different industries so it works for any business!

Can You Tell Me More About What I Will Receive With The VIP Choice and Why I Should Choose this Program?

Absolutely. You will enjoy…

The Opportunity to ask me questions direct to my email in box where you will receive one-on-one coaching from me. I will support you individually in applying and implementing my Telesummit Blueprint.

Additionally, you will enjoy the added bonus of having me personally review and critique your opt-in pages, sales letters, task lists and answer your questions regarding ANYTHING related to your Telesummit or ANY aspect of your business.

It is really difficult to put a value on this Program because you have an incredible amount of input from me every step of the way as you are actually going through the steps we taught you in the Virtual Retreat.

This is like having me as your personal coach for 30 days (and 30-days of coaching with me is something that I don’t even offer anymore). To receive personal coaching from me at this level you would usually need to sign a full year contract and pay upwards of $20,000 at the minimum.. so you are getting 30 days for a fraction of that cost.

You will find that I get really involved in your project and that just one suggestion can make you thousands and thousands of dollars. I know that sounds crazy but it’s happened time and time again with my clients.

Just imagine, as you’re in the planning stages of your Telesummit, if you had someone to answer your questions, review your copy, and guide you along the process…every step of the way.

The support provided is worth at least $4,000 and you are getting it and all the extra support now for just $750

Total Value: $13,343

ONLY $1247!

Payment Plan Available

Added Bonuses for the First 21 People who Purchase Every Month!

Total Value of Bonuses: $596

How to Write Successful Copy for Your Telesummit! from my spiritually oriented Copy Writer, Rhonda Ryder! ($397)

Rhonda packed this audio and transcript with amazing content that is sure to help you, not only with your Telesummit, but with any online project you take on now or in the future.

She shared copywriting insider “tricks of the trade” for Telesummits including:

=>How to write attention-getting Headlines your reader can’t ignore
=>Three simple words that will make you a master at writing bullets
=>How to put more emotion into your copy so you connect with your audience
=>How to “trim the fat” from your copy so you hold the reader’s attention
=>How to bring “your story” into your copy so you build instant rapport
=>And how all of these simple techniques translate into a more successful and profitable Telesummit!

Receive 3 Reports from Copywriter, Rhonda Ryder of Help Me Rhonda Marketing (Value: $197)

Report #1: The Top 12 Secrets of Writing Effective Emails
Report #2: The Top 12 Secrets of Writing Effective Opt-In Pages
Report #3: The Top 12 Secrets of Writing Effective Sales Letters

Rhonda is a successful copywriter whom I personally trust with my most important copywriting projects. She has written for numerous New York Times best selling authors and is the founder of multiple 6-figure online businesses in the parenting and health and wellness niches.

In these 3 Reports, you will receive the secrets of how to write results-driven emails, opt-in pages and sales letters that only the most advanced copywriters know!

Training Video: How To Set Up A Speaker's Bio Page plus Telesummit Techy Checklist (value $97)

Yes, Sharon! I want to buy your
“How to Create a Successful Heart-Centered Telesummit” Virtual Retreat self paced program In the privacy and convenience of my own home!
All you need is a computer!

Payment Plan Available Here

A Coaching-Oriented Approach Guarantee

How to Create a Successful Heart-Centered Telesummit Online, On Demand Program”, you are going to feel a level of relief because of the hand-holding and one-on-one support you will receive in regards to creating your first successful Telesummit. Plus, you will experience a hands-on training where you will literally walk away with your tangible next steps to creating your event.

I am so confident that you will be more than 100% satisfied about the “How to Create a Successful Heart-Centered Telesummit Online, On Demand Program” that I am backing this entire package with a money-back guarantee.

If after putting this program into action, you feel you are not satisfied with this program, you can email us to apply for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

I know how powerful this hands-on training is when you put it into action and I will be there to help you every step of the way…I guarantee it!

What’s The Other Option?

Okay, so there is another option besides taking this course, right?

You can plan your first Telesummit on your own and you can figure it out as you go.

I’ve personally known many people who have done this and some of them have been very successful.

But here’s the thing that I see (and one of the main reasons why I decided to create this course)…

People who create their first Telesummit on their own – without any support – always wish, in the end, that they had had a coach to walk them through the process.

Mostly because they see, after it’s all said and done…how they could have avoided lots of costly “beginner” mistakes.

By taking this course and getting the full insider strategy and my Telesummit Blueprint, you will save hundreds of dollars just in all the costly mistakes you will avoid because you took this course.

We can save you all those unnecessary steps and shorten your learning curve by months. That is the beauty of this program.

You won’t have to worry about things falling through the cracks because we’ve thought of everything and you will have complete checklists and my Telesummit Tracking System to guide you every step of the way.

Isn’t it time for you to get a break and start experiencing the success you want? Creating a Telesummit can do that for you. It can create thousands on your list and in your bank account and more to come when you begin monetizing your new list.

These are all insider secrets that I will teach you in this course.

Remember, it all starts with creating a list and then a profit funnel so you can begin to monetize your new business…all while doing what you love and sharing your gifts and talents with others.

I look forward to “seeing you” at The “How to Create a Successful Heart-Centered Telesummit” online, on demand program

I know you can achieve success with this proven Telesummit Blueprint, and I can't wait to share it with you.

Love and JOY!



Sharon Wilson
Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer
Coaching From Spirit Institute

What is a Virtual Retreat and How Does It Differ From a Webinar?

In a webinar, you basically listen to someone speak and watch a Powerpoint presentation.

This is something much more powerful. It's like me working with you one-on-one.

Our event is a totally new concept we pioneered where you get to experience the magic that happens when we coach people in the group.

You get to watch all the recordings come to life on your computer screen.

“The Virtual Retreat process is the easiest webinar format I have ever participated in!”

“The synergy created by Sharon and Nancy made the learning experience very powerful and easy to follow along. The communication system operated smoothly and I always felt connected to the group and the facilitators. I have noticed that at in-person seminars, I get tired of sitting in the chair all day. With the Virtual Retreat, I can get up, stretch, grab a snack, go to restroom, etc., without disturbing other participants. At the end of the day, I still felt full of energy and ready to get into action with my 30-day plan!

Kathleen Jaap, CPA, MA
Prosperity Coaching Now

Think About All The Money You'll Save on Airfare, Rental Cars, Hotels, Eating Out and more

Other Reasons to purchase the Virtual Retreat self-paced program

  • No traveling expenses!
  • No fighting Airport Security
  • No uncomfortable airline seats
  • Sleep in your own bed
  • Spend time with your family or friends in the evening
  • Catch up by listening to Recordings if you miss any of the Retreat
  • Take bathroom breaks without squeezing past a row of people
  • Receive an amazing amount of personal attention and coaching
  • Enjoy easy access to the Virtual Retreat – no fancy technology needed
  • Simple to attend (just click on a web link)
  • Can also attend via your telephone


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.
All actual recordings are of a live virtual retreat and are not studio quality.

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