I'm sure the title of this article gave you pause, and the context of it is not what you may think. 🙂

Every year, I am given a theme or essence in meditation to activate at an inner and outer level as part of my New Year intentions and visioning.  This year, those essences came to me as an image of a circle, and it was not just one f-word Spirit wanted me to activate, I received three.  They are FOCUS, FLOW and FUN!

In order to have flow, we want to activate our focus of the energy of what we want to manifest in a fun way then allow it allow to circulate in everything we do (flow => focus => FUN) 🙂

I was recently having a conversation with my amazing Operations Angel, Adonya, and she mentioned that she also received the guidance of a circle and that her intentions for 2019 are to fully activate the frequencies of Trust and Peace (when she is willing to Trust in the guidance received from Spirit, there is a greater activation of Peace.).  I thought it was amazing how we both got the same circle image and essences to activate.

I suggest you ask Spirit (or whatever word resonates with you) to show you which two essences that it wants to activate more within you —at an inner and outer level— as your theme in 2019.

I also like to create a mantra that rhymes as my intentional statement and order form to the Universe, so here is the one that came to me.

2019 is the most ______ year I have ever seen!!!

Now, you fill in the blank on what you want to activate given day! Words you can use are AMAZING, PROSPEROUS, you name.  Then repeat it often throughout your day.  You are in essence being grateful in advance for the essences already manifested!

Holding the vision for us all that 2019 is the most divinely guided year we have ever seen for everyone everywhere!

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