Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US or not.  I want to thank you for your light on this Earth!  I am very grateful for you being in the Coaching from Spirit Family.  WE are here to support you in any way we can. I do energy work, prayers, and declarations every day for your health, happiness, and prosperity!

A powerful tool that is often overlooked is the power of declaring thanks for something we may not YET see in our lives and work.

It may sound crazy for example, to seem to not have enough money.  Yet by declaring something like:

“Thank you, God (Spirit, Universe, whatever word resonates with you) for the money that is coming my way to cover all my needs and more. Thank you for the blessings that I can bestow upon others.”

Something very powerful happens.  Because when we focus on the energy of gratitude, we shift our vibrational point of attraction!

We also access the part of our brain that provides us with clearer direction and the INSPIRED next step.

Try it!

Think about one thing that is causing you angst then for one week, make declarations of gratitude that it is resolved.  I like to also declare that I am feeling better and more aligned every day… along the way.

As we activate this feeling, we think we will have when the problem, or issue, is resolved, we align with the people, experiences, and ideas that will allow it to become part of our reality.

Let's say you are feeling less than healthy today.  Try this!

Start declaring that you are grateful; that you are feeling better; and that your body is already aligned in whatever ways it needs to be. Just start speaking into existence that you are grateful for feeling more energy every day. You don't have to figure out the how; just be grateful in a general way on the issue.

Be grateful now… even if you do not see how it is all working out for you.

Do this instead of speaking about the problem; give thanks for the solution that is on the way.

You will be amazed by what begins to show up.

I am grateful for your safety, joy and prosperity this Holiday Season!

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