I have been sharing with you my knowing that at any given time we are either thinking using God-mind consciousness (call this whatever you like – Cosmic Mind, Super Mind- this does not conflict with religion and unites us all) or Earth-mind consciousness (Ego, Fear, and collective human beliefs that are not serving us).

Earth-mind consciousness is super powerful right now and will continue to grow strength as the focus on fear, anger, hatred. and anything less than we are all ONE is activated.

Since we are all ONE, we are all impacted now more then ever by every thought, feeling, and action that each person makes.

Think about this – whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, you are tapping into Earth-mind consciousness.  You are tapping into ALL of the energies that are in the Earth-mind such as fear, worry, doubt, lack, anger, and hatred.

All of these energies are being activated within you.

We are not just dealing with our own thoughts and life experiences because we are impacted by every thought, feeling, and action ever taken within Earth-mind consciousness.

So, listen up, Lightworkers, Spiritualpreneurs. and Spiritual Seekers!  WE have to STEP up our GAME!

We have to use every thought and word to activate a connection to God-mind consciousness regardless of our individual beliefs.

WE are all ONE and always connected to GOD essence, which is where we get our strength AND our potentiality!

Activating this connection to God-mind MOMENT to MOMENT is THE most important thing you can do right now for yourself, your family, and the world.

Recently, one of my new mentor clients sent me an email because she was feeling fear about money, she was recently laid off and is emerging her divine perfect business!  I coached her to use this fear as an opportunity to activate a stronger connection to God-mind.

Here is the re-frame she created:

I may be worried and frantic about money today – but I live in God-mind where all solutions are always right at-hand.  I am well cared for always. I am making friends with angels – who love me, are here to protect and guide me, partner with me, and offer quick solutions and faster results. God, send me angels and guides to partner with me so that I truly feel your love and protection.  Let the money solutions and results come with lightning speed.  Raise my expectations and align me with my highest good and all I connect with.

Can you feel the difference? She did and saw some powerful manifestations in only two weeks! 

Here is a process to help you shift into a greater connection with God-mind consciousness.
I may be feeling (name the feeling that is triggering you in that moment) right now, but I choose to connect with God-mind for my solutions to help me be free of Earth-mind fears, worries, doubts and anxieties. I choose to raise my expectations for solutions beyond my imagination and activate faith and trust in myself and my highest potentiality!

The general formula is:

  1. Name the feeling and acknowledge it
  2. Turn it over
  3. Ask for support to be free of Earth-mind fears, worries, anger, addictions – anything that jams your signal to God-mind consciousness

Do this process over and over and over and over. and over – throughout the day – any time you are thinking and/or feeling lower level energies. No matter how big or small they may seem at the time.

It takes time, persistence, commitment, and A LOT of patience to shift out of Earth-mind consciousness and tap into the channel of God-mind consciousness.

Remember, whatever channel you choose to activate, in any given moment, you are tapping into ALL of the energies that exist within it.

I know this can feel very overwhelming… but you don't have to do it alone because we are here to support you!

I also want you to know that every day, I do energy work, prayers and affirmations for my entire Coaching from Spirit Institute community.  I ask that each of you begin to include other people in your daily affirmations and energy work and watch how quickly the world reconnects to God-mind consciousness!

We also have a wonderful Empowered Life and Business Mastermind where you can get support to help make these shifts at an inner and outer level, in addition to receiving direction on whatever makes most sense to focus on in your business for the greatest fulfillment and return!

Join us today!


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