Just over two decades ago, I was a Corporate America worker bee, and I was miserable! I felt like I wasn't doing anything that made a difference. I had $100,000 in credit card debt, my marriage was on the rocks, and I needed an escape!. I asked the universe for a sign, and that very night, I had a powerful spiritual experience. Angels communicated with me at heart level, and showed me what was possible if I stayed on earth. Eventually, this spiritual guidance led me to become a Spiritual business coach with just three months of reserves an in the bank—and I have never looked back. Within three months, using the system downloaded to me bu Higher Guidance, I replaced my corporate income. I am grateful that following this inner guidance I have thrived though economic downturns and what seemed like setbacks for over 22 years. Now, I am on a mission to guide and support other “Spirit-preneurs” to attract their soul-level clients and start and grow their dream businesses!

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