With all the seeming unrest and uncertainty in our country and the world, it can feel overwhelming at times.  I know I was grateful in some ways to see 2016 end and to open the door to new energies!
Each year, I create a new mantra or affirmation, and I encourage you to do the same.  This year, I want to suggest a bigger way for you to AMP Up your manifestations.

Include your clients, customers, friends and family in your affirmation, so you can support the power of the energy vortex that is created when two or more focus on an intention. This is the true power of the people!

I suggest you create your 2017 affirmation that includes others and watch how powerful that is in attracting more health, wealth, and happiness to you! Here is my affirmation:

Through my Conscious God-mind connection and support, my clients, members, business, colleagues and my family's BEYOND logic goals, dreams and accomplishments come To BE in 2017!

I have written it on a large purple index card and read it feelingly as many times a day as I can.  If it resonates with you, feel free to speak it before you go to bed or at least twice a day in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind for at least 5 minutes with feeling and enthusiasm!

Below, you will find an affirmational prayer that you can use and tweak to your specific needs. If you feel guided, enlist your family and your inner circle to support each other at an energy level with a customized version of it.

Imagine if every family, every inner circle, were saying daily affirmational prayers for each others goals and dreams.

It just takes 5 minutes, a couple of times a day, to truly impact the vortex of energy within a group consciousness to higher vibrations.  Try it, and allow in all your BEYOND logic goal, visions and dreams in 2017!

(Be sure to use the wording for your higher power that best fits for your beliefs.)

I declare I am a mastermind on Team Spirit (your Family Name) consisting of [NAMES], and we are individually and collectively a tremendous success.  We are all absolutely beautiful inside and out, slim, fit, trim, youthful and radiant looking. We are all outstanding in our work; magnetic, charismatic, well-liked, perfectly healthy, free of any thing that holds us back from our divine destiny, free from lack of belief in ourselves, low self-esteem or lack of faith in God as our supply and solutions to all seeming problems connected to the Spirit of God-mind consciousness, persuasive, happy, confident in our abilities to draw to us all divine connections, miracles  and relationships. We attract loving relationships with people who are a good influence on us and that are Divine connections. We daily release any anger, resentment or low-level vibrations from the past and release any anger or resentment that holds us back from our Divine Destinies.  The Infinite within us is all-powerful. We are a loving team.  We trust each other and let go of any anger or resentment from this or any lifetime towards ourselves each other or anyone on the planet or beyond.  We resolve any issues quickly and treat each other with respect and kindness and as we want to be treated. We are all going up the ladder of success and promotion. Our real talents are revealed and appreciated. We are all Divinely guided and our success comes to pass for I know what I decree stirs up the gift of God within us all. We use our powerful mind computers for good.  We fill our computer mind with thoughts of love, peace and prosperity and are free of counteracting thoughts or words. We lift each other up to our Divine Destinies and live a healthy, happy joyful life here on Earth. We let God work through us in all things to support our goals and those we impact. We reject Earth-mind lower vibrations and thoughts and ask each day for connection to God-mind for guidance in all we think, say and create. We join with our guides and angels to learn our lessons easier, faster, and gentler. We are grateful for all our blessings and always expect good.

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