Special #1:

How To Use Energy Planning and Implementation to Start or Expand Any Business in 90 Days or Less – $47 (usually $97)


  • TEACH OTHERS HOW TO ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS – Learn how to easily and effectively teach your clients how to focus on what they want. Start or Expand Any Business in 90 Days gives you the tools you need to help them achieve their dreams in a shorter amount of time.


  • EASILY STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR GOAL – With a clear plan and system in place, it's easy to stay focused on what you want. Use this book as your guide, and watch your dreams turn into reality in no time.


  • GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT FAST – Stop meandering through life without a destination. Implement the techniques in this book, and see how quickly you can reach your goals when you're laser focused.


  • 65 PAGE Ebook – jam packed with info!


  • ENERGY PLANNING TEMPLATES –  and examples on how to use them.

Special #2:

The Activate Formula – $27 (usually $67)

    • GET TO THE ROOT  of what is holding you back from being and earning what you deserve. 
    • AMP UP YOUR BELIEF – Stop self-sabotaging yourself and start believing in your ability to be successful! This eBook gets to the root of what is holding you back and provides the tools you need to take action and see your dreams become a reality. 
    • CREATE THE BUSINESS OF YOUR DREAMS – Start living the life you've always wanted! Move to a more advanced level of consciousness and income with this comprehensive eBook that shows you how to use energy principles in a grounded process for yourself and your clients. 
    • MOVE TO A HIGHER LEVEL – If you're ready to take your business and income to the next level, look no further! This program will teach you the secret of using energy principles in a grounded process so that you can achieve your goals with ease.

Special #3:

Magnetizing Money – $57 (usually $97) 


  • STRUGGLE NO MORE! – Discover how to effortlessly attract the money you need with this simple guide. Money is an energy, a literal vibration, and when you unlock how to activate YOUR money vibration, you will be able to always have plenty of money to pay for bills and luxuries!


  • ALL MIRACLES EXIST IN VIBRATIONAL REALITY – Once you understand how to change your money vibrations, you open yourself up to all the miracles that exist in vibrational reality. Get ready for an abundance of money, health, love, and happiness!


  • FEEL LIKE THE MONEY YOU WANT IS JUST OUT OF REACH? – You're not alone. Millions of people are struggling with the same issue. But with this program, you will soon discover that at the atomic level and brainwave level money is an energy, a literal vibration like a radio signal. When you unlock how to activate YOUR money vibration, the money you want will be within reach!

Special #4:

Living an Empowered Life – $127 (usually $197)

    • WANT TO BE FREE OF OVERWHELM? – Start by looking at the inner process of what's happening in your life. This program gives you the tools to identify what's really going on, so you can create a plan and take action.
    • GAIN SUPPORT FOR YOUR SUCCESS – Discover how to create a supportive network that will help you manifest your goals faster. Learn about energy grids and vibrational output, and see how they can help you achieve anything you desire!
    • FEEL CALMER NO MATTER WHAT LIFE THROWS AT YOU – understanding vibrational scale will help you stay calm and in control during chaotic times. Knowing where you stand vibrationally gives you power over your emotions and creates a sense of peace that can't be shaken.
    • OVERCOME OVERWHELMING EMOTIONS – Break through the barriers that have been keeping you stuck and learn how to follow through on taking actions. Find relief from overwhelming emotions and create lasting peace in your life.

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