Don't let tech frustration be the roadblock to your online dreams!

Too many people get swept away by shiny new platforms and endless options, only to give up before they even start. But the secret to success is simpler than you think – challenge your beliefs and slow down to follow all the necessary steps.

And remember, this principle applies to all aspects of business and life, not just tech. So get ready to conquer your goals and make your ideas a reality. Anke and I are chatting about the typical pitfalls people fall into along with:

  • Why it is that so many people wrestle with tech
  • When it feels hard, you're skipping steps (in tech, and anywhere else in life)

For our listeners, Anke has also graciously offered the gift of a pdf copy of her book Taming the Tech Monster.

                                                                ABOUT OUR GUEST

Anke is a multi-passionate coach, online tech expert, teacher, software developer, linguist, dressmaker, with the heart of a creator and the mind of an engineer. She is the author of Taming the Tech Monster and she hosts the Passion Business Podcast.

She helps mission-driven coaches and educators take the tech headaches out of launching impactful online offers, so they can focus on serving their clients. She loves heading out with her dogs, enjoying the Spanish sun.

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