The Quantum Entrepreneur Movement is about helping you succeed in every aspect of your life. It’s whole-heart collaboration with other quantum thinkers, business and non-business folks on all subjects that affect every part of life and work.

The Quantum Entrepreneur Movement is about bringing entrepreneurs and non-business folks together in a collaborative support space.

It’s an entire galaxy of information, support and intention being shared and activated together.

Are you feeling like you're constantly struggling getting your message out?

Are you feeling there is too much noise in life to wade through and cannot find peace and support in life?

Do you feel there HAS to be a better way but not sure where to find it?

Are you ready to make a Quantum Shift & experience more ease and flow in your life and business?

Join us for the 3-Week Quantum Shift Series!

For over 20 years, Sharon Wilson has served her thousands of private clients and students as a spiritual business and life mentor by supporting them in easily and JOYfully shifting from worry, fear, anxiety, doubt and limitation to increased confidence and a practical, deeper connection to their inner guidance and business skills.

Through her mentorship, her clients have been able to effortlessly navigate the bumps in their lives and businesses with a renewed sense of peace.

About the Founder

Why sell when you can serve your clients in a way that makes them and you feel good?

In this system, you will not only MASTER how to have soul clients saying “YES sign me up!”, you will also be able to count on a consistently ROBUST and growing income stream. I will mentor you on what to do when people say they can't afford your programs and products and what to offer that can single-handedly create a six-figure income stream for you!

Don't Just Take Our Word...

Read What Clients Have to Say!

“With Sharon’s coaching system, I made huge strides in my business in a short amount of time. In fact, Sharon helped me double my fees, AND I am now experiencing 50% conversions or more now.”

Oge Okosieme


“I was reluctant because of the investment, I was really nervous. But literally just after one coaching call with Sharon and a few emails, I signed on my highest paying client – who paid me IN FULL.  That was a program worth over $3000.00! Wow!”

Heather Dominick

Business Coach

“I am not a sales person by any means, and with this system, I was easily able to create a magnetic language to convert 40-50% of the people I was talking to in signing up for my coaching services and programs. I was amazed how this process works and how much fun it is to do.”

Heather Picken


“Sharon I am so excited! In just 2 weeks in your program, I attracted 3 clients! Within six weeks, I attracted 7 one-year coaching clients!! I had never offered a one-year option before but with your mentoring, I did it!”

Paula Hannasch

Spiritual Teacher

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