Why is the mess a portal into self liberation and self-love? We're taught that perfection is somehow attainable – it's not (and perfect is boring!)

There are so many disguised gifts in the mess! We need the mess – it's the place of revelation.

Monica shared why women are the key to harmony and sustainability in the 21st century and will inspire you to your Divine Purpose that you came here to do and how to break out of the I am not enough trance and why we have to do that. We also go in depth on:

Monica shared why women are the key to harmony and sustainability in the 21st century and will inspire you to your Divine Purpose that you came here to do and how to break out of the I am not enough trance and why we have to do that. We also go in depth on:

      • Why radical self-approval is a tool for transformation.
      • Why comfort and perfection is the downfall of women.
      • Why circling with women is more important than ever and how to do it. (hint: it is free of competition, judgement and comparing and coming up ‘less than'.)
      • What the 7 steps to Feminine Freedom are.

                                                                    ABOUT OUR GUEST

    Monica believes that women can take action towards realizing our true potential only when we stop proving and striving to be who everyone wants us to be. When we reveal the truth of who we are, we return to our “original design” and with the practice of self love and compassion, we become aligned, opening the portal into our divine purpose where true prosperity dwells.

    There has never been a more important time for women to reveal the truth of who we are as a catalyst for positive change in the world as the Divine Feminine returns.

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