I recently experienced multiple family situations that required me to be out of my office more than I had anticipated over the last several months.

I felt like every time I was starting to get some momentum; I would get another call about something I needed to do to support my loved ones.

A few difficulties are still ongoing, and thankfully, miracles have happened where all are being resolved in the most amazing ways. ūüôā

Over the years, I have heard many times from my mentor clients and students about how they have experienced the same, and how it can feel as if you are taking one step forward and two steps back.

It can feel so frustrating. However, you know that your family must come first.

So, what is a Spiritualpreneur to do?

Well, here are some of my Building Your Six-Figure Business from YOUR Soul Tips:

  1. Being there for your loved ones IS a spiritual assignment, and no matter what, that energy will come back to you.
  2. Whatever the seeming challenges that arise, you are STILL working on your business at an energy level.
  3. With a business you love and feel is serving¬†a higher consciousness, when you cross over, you will never say “I wish I would have NOT been there for my loved ones, and spent more time on my business.”
  4. When you are a Spiritualpreneur (I define that as TRULY committing to partnering with God [or whatever word resonates with you] in creating and building your business from your Soul to serve a higher good), part of your Divine Curriculum is to Trust that your Divine Partner will always provide and that miracles are your birthright.
  5. You are here to learn to expect miracles and become a miracle worker, which is why I call miracles Divine Solutions BEYOND logic!
  6. You are not alone. I know it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, especially financially for many of you, but you are never truly alone.

You have a loving mentor here for you and that is one reason I put together my podcast, “The Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur”. We are currently preparing for guests who will provide you with even more insights on how they navigated any seeming trials to allow in more joy, flow, balance and serving in their lives and businesses.

So, if you have not yet signed up to get notifications about our new episodes or past episodes, click here to sign up now.

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